The Cosmic Cloud

The Cosmic Cloud

A Treatise Involving Philosophy, Theology, Science and Technology


  • Introcuction:  This can be considered a theological treatise that taps into philosophy, science and technology.  Per Mirriam Webster, a treatise is “a systematic exposition or argument in writing including a methodical discussion of the facts and principles involved and conclusions reached.”
  • The first two? sections constitue a crash cours in the relevant philophiical concepts we’ll be covering later.  We’ll focus on two
  • Start with what is metaphysical.  Then explain diffewrence between metaphysics and epistemology.
    • Start with Democritus and Thales as examples
    • Point out that they were the first to…
    • Move on to Plato’s forms and Aristotle’s whatever.
    • Then, one who explores and dissects metaphysics is a metaphysiican
    • Someone who studies epistemology is an epistemologist.



  • This is part one of a a little diddy of a theory I’ve been mulling around in my head and researching for the last couple of decades.  I have finally been able to get it alll down in a somewhat organized manner and I think that I’ve done a decent job in making a number of complex concepts accessible to the average person.  If there’s any concept you’re not clear on, feel free to shoot me an email with where your having trouble understanding it and I’ll try to put something together for you or we can a arrange a phone call.


  • The Google cloud is not a globally scattered collection of servers in massive warehouses.  At its bottom level, the cloud can be depicted as an elliptically shape model. It can be depicted in two dimensions or in the dimensions for more precision of it language components.  


  • In academic philosophy, there is a area of study called modal logic.  At a basic level, logicians create worlds in which the rules are different from that with which we are familiar.
  • A primer on sentential logic
    • Include modus tollens to show real language application


  • A quick intro to predicate logic
  • For example, one can create a world in which 2 + 2 = 75.  In such a world.
  • Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem — Connect to Godel, Escher and Bach


  • Use the modal logic to build a few simple worlds to explain the concept.  Insert diagrams
    • First a brief lesson on sentential logic with a stack of statements, including nested if statements
    • Second a briefl lesson on predicate logic


  • Include a section (make it a weekly part) called Sikhs, Jews, Muslims and Pentacostals – A Relevant Commonality.



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